Organisation of Hindu Malayalees (OHM) is organising "Utsav 2014" a cultural event as part of OHM's second annual day of its objective to promote and enhance the cultural engagement to the wider Hindu community.

We are looking for expressions of interest from artists and group for cultural programmers like Dance, Songs, Skits etc.  If you are interested please contact us with your details of your program (type, group/solo, no. of participants, duration etc) before 09 Nov 2014.

With kind regards

OHM Team

Dear OHM family,

Our 24the monthly meeting and Bhajan will be held at 115 Cornwall Street, Annerley - 4103 on 25th Oct.

Note that this time it is on a Saturday and the bhajan will start at sharp 5:00 PM.

JP & Sunita who is hosting this months meeting wants to celebrate their daughter's birthday as part of the event and will organise food for everyone.

Thanks JP & Sunita for this gracious gesture.

Please RSVP with the number of people attending by 23rd Oct Thursday as they need the numbers by Friday.

you finish reading this topic  your next question will be why Hinduism have different gods? You can google the answers if you can't wait until tomorrow. Again this info is purely from a website. Have a great day.


Is there a God ? - Answer of Hinduism

(Hinduism A Perspective)

Is there a God? How could one trust that there is a God in existence? Can it be proved?

This topic is dealt in an extensive way in the philosophical texts like Shiva gnana bodham. Here the topic is discussed in brief.

If we take anything in the world there is something behind it for it to get created. If there is a stool there would be a carpenter behind it, a space craft - there would be a lots of scientists and technicians behind it and so on. This big Universe that exists also should have been made by something. It could be argued that this came into existence because of the transformation of something else that existed before. But how did that come from? If we trace the path there should be ultimately something that is the reason behind all these things. That one which was the cause of all these things to come into existence is what we call as God.

So what is great about it? If we carefully look all the things we call as made are actually transformed from one form to other. So only the transformation takes place but no creation. But initially all these things or their predecessors were created by something we call God. So it is this God we can really call the source. All other things we call sources in the day to day life are just transformers in truth. This power that created these things should be extremely powerful to be a real source! So It deserves our salutations.

ajanmaano lokaaH kimavayavavanto.api jagataaM  adhishhThaataaraM kiM bhavavidhiranaadR^itya bhavati |  aniisho vaa kuryaad.h bhuvanajanane kaH parikaro  yato mandaastvaaM pratyamaravara sa.nsherata ime ||

Translation :
Without creation how come all these worlds come into existence? If not so, by what means are the worlds created ? The ignorant raise many doubt about your existence.

This is one logical reply for the people who need proof to believe anything. The proofs are required only when a truth is not perceived. Who asks for proof for the existence of the air even when nobody physically sees it? When one can experience that Supreme in the self what other proof is required. It could still be asked that this experience could be an illusion. But it can be boldly said NO. The proof for it? Now we are talking about experience. This is something to be felt, not to be talked or proved. It cannot be done, unless the other party is trying to experience it. Otherwise it would be like telling about romance to a child, which is not grown to experience that feeling.

But that way one can always say all the illusions to be real experience. No, when these experiences are analyzed, it is very easy distinguish in neutrality which is an illusion and which is reality. The experience of God is not something as normal as any other feeling. It is something that is great that corrects us, liberates us, puts us in eternal bliss. Something beyond the reach of words, the greatness in silence. Hail that Absolute.

Happy Navrathri to everyone!!!

What's the Significance of Navratri

During Navaratri, we invoke the energy aspect of God in the form of the universal mother, commonly referred to as " Durga," which literally means the remover of miseries of life. She is also referred to as "Devi" (goddess) or "Shakti" (energy or power). It is this energy, which helps God to proceed with the work of creation, preservation and destruction. In other words, you can say that God is motionless, absolutely changeless, and the Divine Mother Durga, does everything. Truly speaking, our worship of Shakti re-confirms the scientific theory that energy is imperishable. It cannot be created or destroyed. It is always there.

Why Worship the Mother Goddess?

We think this energy is only a form of the Divine Mother, who is the mother of all, and all of us are her children. "Why mother; why not father?", you may ask. Let me just say that we believe that God's glory, his cosmic energy, his greatness and supremacy can best be depicted as the motherhood aspect of God. Just as a child finds all these qualities in his or her mother, similarly, all of us look upon God as mother. In fact, Hinduism is the only religion in the world, which gives so much importance to the mother aspect of God because we believe that mother is the creative aspect of the absolute.


Janmashtami and Ashtami Rohini.

Sri Krishna Jayanti or Sri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on two different days in year. In simple words, Lord Krishna has two birthdays. In 2014, Sri Krishna Jayanti or Sri Krishna Janmashtami is on August 17 and August 18. The birthday of Sri Krishna on August 18 is also referred occasionally as Vaishnava Sri Krishna Jayanti. Many Hindu sects in South, West and East India will be celebrating Sri Krishna Jayanti on August 17. Most of North on August 18.

Note - in 2014, Sri Krishna Jayanti will be observed on September 15 in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

According to traditional Hindu astrology, Lord Krishna was born when the moon entered the house of Vrishabha (Taurus) at the Rohini Nakshatram (star) on the eight day (Ashtami) of the second fortnight of the month of Sravana (this corresponds to the month of Bhadrapada Krishnapaksha in North India). All these conditions have to match to celebrate Sri Krishna Jayanti but most of the time these conditions never match in the calendars of various Hindu sects.

So the different sections in Hinduism have adopted their own standards for celebrating the birthday of Lord Krishna. For some sect, it is the ‘ashtami’ day that is important. For some sect, it is the star ‘rohini.’ To make it more complex there is the lunar and solar calendar issue.
The two different dates is because importance is given to Tithi – Krishna Paksha Ashtami Tithi in certain regions. Like in Maharashtra, Bengal and by some communities in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

In North India, the date that has Krishna Paksha Ashtami and Moon sign Vrishabha (Taurus) is given importance.

In Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the date that has Krishna Paksha Ashtami and Rohini Nakshatram is given importance but this date has to be in Tamil Aavani Month and Malayalam Chingam Month.

It's that time of the year again where we are getting ready for the biggest and most nostalgic celebration of any Malayalee, our Onam.
This year OHM will celebrateohmonma2014 Onam with much fun and fanfare with a very traditional Thiruvathirakkali, Onappattu, Chendamelam, Pulikali and a grand Onasadhya.
OHM extends the invitation to ALL who wish to be a part of this festival.
please RSVP to with your details by 3rd September.
OHM looks forward to seeing you all on 6th Sep.
Let us get together to make this another grand Onam.
OHM Queensland.

OHM's next meeting is on Sunday, August 17 th, 4 pm at 146 Maundrell Terrace, Chermside West. We are also planning to celebrate our Indian Independence Day on that same evening. We are planning to spend 30 mins that evening to give our young ones an outlook on India. During that evening we will also have a fancy dress show  where children can dress up as any of our national icons (Gandhiji, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose etc).
Parents, I know this is a last minute call, but at the same time we have wonderful parents who are very creative and dedicated. Please get tips from YouTube for your kids fancy dress. Remember they don't have to be perfect, just their cuteness will be worth your effort. Please let me know what you want your little ones to be dressed up as so we can coordinate the program. More the merrier!

Thank you
Poornima Mathilakath
OHM Queensland.

Dear OHM members and well wishers,

It is time to renew and pay the annual membership fees. Our organisation has grown incredibly in the last two years and has around 49 active families listed in our rolls now. We are hoping to reach out to other like minded malayalees in QLD who would like to join OHM, so please feel free to share below details with your friends. Please do not hesitate to email one of the executive committee members in case you need any other information.

BANK : Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Account Title – Organization of Hindu Malayalees Queensland BSB – 064-000 Account Number – 1341 4774

The Membership Fees are:

Student – Fifteen dollars ($15.00)Single Person Adult – Twenty Five dollars ($25.00) Family - Fifty dollars ($50.00)

Once you have transferred the amount please send your details.


Poornima Mathilakath


OHM Queensland


Dear OHM members and well wishers,

Our Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday 20 July 2014 with the express intention of electing new office bearers for the financial year 2015. OHM Queensland would like to extend a big thanks to all those who attended and participated in the election. It is with immense pleasure that we introduce our new committee members.
President                       - Krishnan A K ( re elected)
Vice President               - Suraj Balakrishnan
Secretary                       - Poornima Mathilakath
Joint Secretary              - Saji Ramakrishnan
Treasurer                        - Abhilash Sudhakaran ( re elected)
Ex committee member  - Jaya Pradeep
Ex committee member  - Biju Nair
While we welcome our new committee members, we also owe a sincere thanks to the previous team for all their hard work and dedication.

OHM aims to bring together Malayalees in Australia and foster good relations with other communities and faith. We made the choice of giving ourselves and our kids a better life when we moved to Australia and forming OHM was the result of our overwhelming desire to instill our vibrant malayalee culture in our children. We will continue this journey in the coming years as we teach the young ones our roots and beliefs that we grew up on. We have come a long way from our first meeting in 2012 and has grown from a group to a big family. Our monthly meetings, bhajans and the recently introduced malayalam class is generating huge interest and curiosity in the younger generation. This is very heartening to see and the success can be attributed to all OHM members families and kids alike. As we grow in to a larger organization, please continue contributing more ideas and suggestions. It is with your unrelenting support that we are able to move forward as a group.
On behalf of the Executive Committee

Poornima Mathilakath
OHM Queensland